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Book club to learn Arabic 

Do you want to learn Arabic and speak Arabic like a native speaker? here is your chance! here you will find the space to learn Arabic in an effective manner and effortlessly.  In addition to join this book club to learn Arabic there are many other benefits including:

Learn Arabic- book club- speak Arabic

Firstly: Arab cultural Awareness

Do you think that the Arab countries are just big deserts full of camels? No, it is not true! The Arab world is geographically diverse. Do you know how people there look like? or how do they prepare for their marriage? What is the most dominated religion there? who are most famous Arab authors? At Alef club you will find much information and many facts about the Arab culture tradition and customs. In other words you will learn Arabic and its culture.

Secondly: teaching Arabic is not just catching the grammatical errors

After joining the club, you will know how words, phrases, sentences are uttered in their context. For illustration. Your Arabic teacher helps you to speak fluently without needing to memorize the grammatical rules or the like. Thus it seems interesting to learn Arabic here right?

Thirdly: interested in Journalism and knowing the techniques of essay writing?

 It is your chance now to join the club; here you will learn Arabic by reading and analyzing Arabic articles get information about the process of writing in Arabic. Therefore it may help you in your writing in Arabic or in general sense.

Fourthly: no travelling costs, no barriers, just learning Arabic in an easy, low-cost way!

All the classes of the book club are online. Hence, all what you want are eagerness and an internet connection and carpe diem!

Fifthly: whatever your level in learning Arabic is you are most welcome

Moreover. the program of the club is offered to those who want to learn Arabic at any level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Sixthly: Confidence and cooperation

While learning Arabic you will be in contact with your native teacher, and a group of Arabic non-native learners who are of your learning level. Therefore it will help in minimizing the level of anxiety regarding making mistakes or feeling afraid of being a subject of mockery. Here all are of the same level, all want to learn. In other words you all have same the same goal. so no need to be worried. Besides there are interesting activities you will do with your group. Finally it is going to be the funniest Arabic learning process.


In a nutshell it seems interesting, right? So, let us join us to learn Arabic effortlessly and speak like a native speaker!

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